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Shipping Instructions

1. Make sure all Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, etc. are frozen solid prior to shipping. 

Very small items shipped alone may require an ice pack or dry ice placed with them. 

( Migratory Birds - See special tagging and package marking requirements below) 

2. Select a sturdy box or rigid cooler large enough to pack a few inches of 

insulating material (wadded newspaper, styrofoam) all the way around the frozen items.

3. Be sure to include mounting instructions, photos, sketches, or diagrams along with your contact info. 

4. Always ship on a Monday via UPS or Fed Ex to avoid weekend layovers. Use express or 2nd day Air 

in warm weather or during summer months.

Our ship to address for this entire website is: Our Mailing address through Post Office : 

 For UPS / Fed Ex 

World Fauna Taxidermy Studio World Fauna Taxidermy Studio

129 Main St.Po Box 158

Aguilar, Colorado 81020 Aguilar, Colorado 81020

Migratory Birds - Tagging and package marking instructions

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Requirements

50 CFR 20.36

All Migratory birds must have a tag attached to each bird, signed by the hunter, stating his address, 

the total number and species of birds, and the date such birds were killed. 

You can download our Tags here: Migratory Bird Tag.pdf

The State of Colorado also requires a hunting license number for migratory birds taken in Colorado. 

A space for this is provided on our tags for states requiring this.

50 CFR 20.44

Mark the out side with the name and address of the shipper and the consignee. 

On the out side of the shipping container, mark the contents with the species and number of birds. 

(Example: 1 Mallard, 2 woodducks, 1 snow goose) 

For any Questions, please call (719) 941-4008

or e-mail